DHCH / Willard McCarty

Willard McCarty


Kings College London


Willard McCarty is Professor of Humanities Computing, King’s College London, and Professor in the Digital Humanities Research Group, University of Western Sydney. He is Editor of the journal, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (2008-) and founding Editor of the online seminar Humanist (1987-). He is recipient of the Canadian Award for Outstanding Achievement, Computing in the Arts and Humanities (2005), the Richard W. Lyman Award, Rockefeller Foundation (2006) and the Roberto Busa Award, Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (2013). He is editor of Text and Genre in Reconstruction (2010) and author of the first comprehensive theoretical treatment of his field, Humanities Computing (2005), forthcoming in a paper back edition with a new Preface (July 2014).


  • scientiae humaniores & the digital