DHCH / Yuchen Yang

Yuchen Yang

PhD Student

EPFL eM+, Lausanne


Yuchen is working on the SNF Sinergia interdisciplinary project "Narratives from the long tail: transforming access to audiovisual archives" under the supervision of Prof. Sarah Kenderdine at Laboratory for Experimental Museology.

His research interests include Machine Learning on Heterogeneous Data, Knowledge Representation and Semantics, Audiovisual Narrative, Digital Curation, and HCI. He is especially interested in their application in the cultural and heritage sector in pursuit of the future for memory institutions.

Before joining EPFL, Yuchen worked for Mckinsey & Company, NLP start-up Eigen Technologies, and Alibaba Group in various roles, with a focus on digital transformation and utilising unstructured data.


  • Knowledge Representation and Semantics
  • Audiovisual Narrative
  • Digital Curation